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What is Quickflip to Delicious Dinners?
Quickflip to Delicious Dinners is a cooking guide that dramatically simplifies the cooking process and makes it easy to make healthy meals. It eliminates the clutter and confusion of countless recipes by transforming 10 basic recipes into 50. You can take your usual dinner recipes (pizza, pasta, stir-fry, soups, chicken/fish/soy etc.) and make 5 different international variations very easily - just by changing a few ingredients. The quick, easy recipes will help you incorporate more healthful fruits, vegetables, and whole grains and give endless variety to meals.

The Quickflip's innovative format will teach you how to cook, show you how to stock your pantry to save time and even "write your shopping list" for you. The built-in counter top easel makes it easy to use and colorful photos will inspire you to make more home-cooked meals.

With Quickflip to Delicious Dinners, you’ll make the transition from thinking about eating well to actually doing it!
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Includes recipes, cooking and health tips, complete pantry list, nutritional analysis of each recipe, counter-top easel, and color photography.
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The award-winning Quickflip is also a great gift idea!

"I want to eat better, but I can't think of new ideas."…I want to prepare healthier meals, but I don't have the time."

If this sounds like you, "Quickflip to Delicious Dinners" is the solution.