Nutrition Connections -  Quickflip(TM) to Delicious Dinners
Nutrition Connections - The Veggie Quickflip
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For Healthcare Professionals

Everyone knows they should eat more vegetables and now there’s an easy and delicious way to do it. The Veggie Quickfip will motivate you to try new vegetables and enjoy familiar ones in new ways.
The Veggie Quickflip shows you how to buy and cook delicious fresh vegetables. With this easy-to-use guide you’ll:
Buy in peak season
Select the most flavorful vegetables
Store them to preserve flavor and freshness
Use seasonings to complement their natural flavor
Cook them quickly as a side dish or include them in easy, delicious recipes
“What a great tool! With the Veggie Quickflip there's no mystery to buying and cooking vegetables. You'll feel completely comfortable weaving all sorts of vegetable delights into your diet. Whether it's an unfamiliar vegetable like bok choy or something as common as green beans, Faughey offers helpful and innovative ways to eat and enjoy them.”
— Healthy Eating Coach Mary Collette Rogers, author of Take Control of Your Kitchen!
The Veggie Quickflip is an 8" by 3" lightweight fan guide designed to fit conveniently into a purse, briefcase or glove compartment. It helps busy people add more fresh foods to their meals- simply and flavorfully.

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